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Horizon Technologies - Horizontech - Millenium Plus GPS
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy*

As many of have learned the hard way, Horizon Tech dba Millennium Plus has evidently filed for bankruptcy, shutting down all operations and leaving you, the customer, without any GPS Fleet Management solutions.  GPS Fleet Management has a solution!  We can take your existing Millennium Plus hardware, swap out the SIMS card and upgrade the firmware and get your investment back up and running for only $35/unit plus shipping.  The end result is that your existing investment will continue to work for you and you will gain a better GPS Fleet Management tool as our application provides the following:

Our solution is completely web-based and extremely user-friendly.
• No computer hardware to purchase
• No software to install
• No extensive training required
Get started quickly - see results immediately!

View Your Fleet

From a single screen, track the status of your vehicles, including:
• Current location
• Nearest to a particular address
• Nearest to a particular landmark
• “Stops” for the day

Receive Alerts

The system automatically sends alerts via email or to your cell phone for any of the following events:
• Zone entry or departure
• Speed violation
• Auxiliary input trigger
• Maintenance due

Generate Reports

Need information to address a customer billing dispute? Wondering why a particular employee makes fewer service calls than others? Are you required to file transportation logs on each of your drivers?
Our mobile monitoring system can generate a wide range of reports that provide critical information on fleet activities:
• Stop report • Trip detail
• Stop by Landmark • State by State mileage
• Fleet status • Mileage summary
• Route log • Engine hours
• Vehicle idle time • Pending maintenance

Report data is available online, and can be exported for use in Excel and other programs. Key reports can also be scheduled for automatic delivery via email in a variety of formats, including PDF.

Please contact us to learn more or to schedule a demo of our application.

GPS Fleet Management
602.840.3337 - 866.358.2677

* Important Note: GPS Fleet Management, LLC is not associated with Horizon Technologies, Horizontech, or Millennium Plus GPS and assumes no responsibilities of Horizon Technologies, Horizontech, or Millennium Plus GPS nor any previous commitments or contracts between Horizon Technologies, Horizontech, or Millennium Plus GPS and its customers.

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