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Theft Detection & Recovery Using GPS

A recent phone call reminded us of how often we help businesses recover stolen equipment using GPS as an anti theft tool, usually within hours of the theft occurring.  Last year we estimated that we helped our clients recover nearly $1 million dollars in stolen equipment and inventory.

One of our clients had one of their Peterbilt tractors stolen with a flat bed trailer attached loaded with inventory.  Using one of our GPS Fleet Management systems installed into their vehicles, they were notified by text message that the vehicle was moving and were able to track it to the theives' hideout where they recovered their equipment and goods and the police arrested the whole gang of criminals!

Another customer recovered 2 different pieces of equipment using GPS as a theft tracking tool.  The story, in their own words:  "We recently recovered a $30,000 skip loader and a $40,000 backhoe.  On the most recent incident, I got an e-mail alert at 3 in the morning telling me that one of our backhoes was heading on an unauthorized trip to a location far removed from the jobsite where it was parked overnight.  My Blackberry conveyed the new exact location where the backhoe was. When the guy was pulled over, he told the police he was a contractor who just assumed this was the rental machinery he had ordered-even though it had OUR company name on it.  Recovery time, from theft to recovery: under an hour!   By morning the backhoe was back on the job."

In today's competitive marketplace, businesses must operate at peak efficiency to provide timely customer service and still be able to generate a profit. Your fleet represents between 50% and 70% of your total fixed assets.  Whether you have a single vehicle or a fleet over 100, all businesses with vehicles on the road will benefit from using GPS as an asset tracking and theft detection and recovery tool.

Please contact us for more information and your free demonstration.

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